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Posted by Molokh on 2015-07-31 .
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10 years! Yes, 10 years... Even though I was a regular at this shop when I was studying in Lille, the internet boom and my travels in Japan helping, I had not been there in a long time. This was until I browsed the shop's site to find a Super Puzzle Fighter II X and E.G.G at a good price. I immediately placed an order and went to the store as soon as possible to buy them. What a convenient system!
I could not help but feel a twinge of heart, remembering the purchase of my first Dreamcast and many Japanese games in this shop... Not to mention that my friends and I often spent our time off there and I can not help but remember the nostalgic period when we would have long discussions on our purchases.

The store has not changed, it has even more games on its shelves than in the past and Olivier, the seller, really does a hard job taking care of all the orders alone in his vast shop.

If you're in the area do not hesitate to make a trip there you might find some interesting games.

Here's the video of a report made Gamekult, a french site dedicated to video games in general.

Happy shopping!