Dreamcast Games Widescreen Hack

Posted by Molokh on 2015-12-02 .
Dreamcast Games Widescreen Hack
With the transition from CRT TVs with a 4:3 aspect ratio of the 90s to a world of extra-widescreens and their standard aspect ratio of 16:9, the old consoles look really small in the center of those large screens. Hopefully some talented and benevolent technicians changed that with the help of the mighty code breaker. With the use of anamorphic format and some tweaks they produce the same effect than some widescreens ready games like Wacky Races or Ferrari 355.
Anamorphic format is a way to squeezing a 16:9 image into a 4:3 one. Once you stretch it with your beloved widescreen TV to fit the entire screen,it gets back to the proper video aspect.

This is mainly possible for 3D games beacause the camera usually takes a larger picture than the 4:3 displayed on a CRT TV. The most difficult part is to find the proper parameters to produce this effect. Once spotted they can be modified inside the game with a code breaker code. Game Shark works too but not with all codes, unfortunately.

You may be over-excited but the Mr Perfect inside us all can be displeased with the fact that the game may show some clipping on the parts usually not displayed, due to lack of optimization. Fortunately this phenomon is not quite as pronounced as the one you experience while playing with NullDC on widescreen mode.

A discussion on the Assembler games forum give the newest codes and details on the way to proceed to get a Dreamcast game to fill the screen: Assembler Games.

A list regularly updated by the assembler games forum members can be found on segaretro.org: list of codes to display dreamcast widescreen.

Enjoy your Dreamcast games on HDTV!