Satakore's Dreamcast Store

Posted by Molokh on 2015-12-16 .
Satakore's Dreamcast Store
Collectors and retrogamers alike know how time consuming it is to look for a game on every eBay site. Sure eBay is a gold mine for fans who are able to find anything they want if they have enough money to buy it. eBay is also a gold mine for the sellers who sell games at an outrageous price if it gets enough popularity or rarity. But it's not easy to sail through its numerous sites.
It's hard to find what you are looking for in the jungle of international eBay. Luckily, thanks to Madroms of Satakore, you can now compare every item on sale on every eBay and compare their prices with a single glance. This marvel is called: The Dreamcast Video Game Store

This is the end of the long and painstaking hunts.

Watch your game!