SEGA Legacy's Podcast on REZ

Posted by Molokh on 2016-02-12 .
SEGA Legacy's Podcast on REZ
SEGA Legacy often grant you with some interesting podcast on various themes in relation with SEGA and its consoles. This time it's a podcast on dreamcast game, and not the least, because it's REZ !
Presented by Manjimaru, as busy as ever, under the supervision of Kurdy, also known as the Old Man, with the presence of Gothic, the grand master of puns, this podcast, totally out of control, is the occasion to meet again with iGREKKESS, the administrator of the SEGA Galaxy Board and webmaster of

They talk about REZ to the smallest details, comparing the different versions of the game, and talking about the accessory which seems to strike everyone's interest until everything goes wild and forbidden jokes about the oculus rift are made. This expensive piece of hardware seems to hurt more than your wallet...

Following a very interesting podcast on the system seller games of the Saturn, SEGA Legacy's team won't stop and intertain us with a very interesting podcast on a game running on our beloved system. Something tells me that it is not the last time we hear about the Dreamcast on SEGA Legacy.