Dreamcast 2 : The SEGA Dreamcast resurrected by Project Dream?

Posted by Molokh on 2016-03-16 .
Dreamcast 2 : The SEGA Dreamcast resurrected by Project Dream?
Lately we often hear about a Dreamcast 2 project. "A Dreamcast 2 ? Insanity! SEGA will never accept to go back to hardware production...", "Moreover it seems impossible to reproduce what made the Dreamcast so popular". At least that was what I thought in the first place. I was completely mistaken!
The title "Dreamcast 2" speak for itself so the first time I heard about a new machine with this name I didn't bother looking for any further information. I simply thought that it is impossible to create a successor to my beloved Dreamcast. "A new console with the name of Dreamcast and games of equal quality? Never! ". But the truth is elsewhere. It is far better than that to my opinion.

The aim of this project is to create a Dreamcast Mark II able to play all original Dreamcast Games with a online selling plateform, similar to what Steam propose. The new hardware would make use of all actual technological stantards, like USB and HDMI to better suit modern TV sets, VGA starting to be a little bit a thing of the past and is not supported by all TVs. The selling plateform would be a great mean for all independant game developers to sell their games on a large scale with little costs, promoting the Dreamcast independant scene.

The main challenge of this project is to produce a console with the agreement and help of SEGA. If this project was to be rejected by the company, the Dream Project team will do everything by themselves.

I think that Project Dream Team should communicate more on the content of their project because people seem to get a little bit confused by the name Dreamcast 2. I saw videos of youtubers protesting against a new SEGA console whereas it is not exactly the aim of the team. Futhermore on Dream Project team website you can see images of Yakuza 5 and Shenmue 3 that does add to the overall confusion about the project. One should read the petition attentively to really get the meaning of the name Dreamcast 2.

Anyway, if you feel like adding your support to the project, you can sign the petition dedicated to it here.