Tokyo Bus Guide Limited Edition

Posted by Molokh on 2016-05-15 .
Tokyo Bus Guide Limited Edition
I usually don't really care about limited editions of Dreamcast games and I have very few of them in my collection. But my interest for uncommon japanese games pushed me to acquire this one because I don't often see it online or in shops. I hoped it would contain additional contents for the main game, that the lovely bus guide would comment my errands in the main city of Japan... Well... Not at all!
The package includes two GD-roms in a printed cardboard : the game disc and the bonus CD that interest us. Nothing extraordinary with this one because it is composed of only three videos, one for each area in the game, explaining some key points to drive cleanly and safely around town. The bijin (aka beautiful woman) does the voice-over. And that's all. Not really what I expected so if your are not a die-hard Dreamcast collector going for the fullset there is little chances that this version would be worth the cost to you. If you are as curious as I am and desperately want to know what is inside this bonus CD, I did a capture of all the content, put it in on video and uploaded it to my Youtube channel.

Tokyo Bus Guide Bonus Disc Video

Bon visionnage!