SEGA hard girls : Dreamcast

Posted by Molokh on 2017-01-13 .
SEGA hard girls : Dreamcast
I am not really self-concious about it, but I must admit one thing: I am an otaku. I love video games, anime, manga and lately I even developed an interest in light novels. But there is one thing I tried to avoid until now... Goodies!
Of course I would lie if I say that I do not have any piece of goodies at home. I have one or two T-Shirts / Sweats related to video games but I try to limit the expenses to the strict minimum. But fate caught up with me and a very generous friend very kindly offered me what I would never have dared to buy: the SEGA Hard Girl Dreamcast. This is an opportunity for me to tell you a bit about it, as it seems to cross my path more than once in recent times. Far from denying its past, SEGA had the interesting idea to put its home consoles to the light of day once again by personalizing them the "Moe" way. Apparently this current is called Moegijinka and consists of transforming objects into animated characters. The Seha Girl (Seha is the japanese shorcut for Sega Hard) series contains a lot of references and cameo characters from the SEGA games: Space Channel 5, Sonic, Bare Knuckle, Golden Axe, Roommania # 203 etc ... Some characters are even dubbed by Yuji Naka in person! (Ex: Center-sensei) If you are a fan of japanese animation and SEGA, the series is worth watching.

Apparently these characters are built to last since SEGA does not hesitate to reuse them in some of its own productions. As another example, our beloved girls appear in the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax series made by SEGA. It's a 2D fighting game series and crossover between characters of SEGA and heroes of the light novels of the publisher Dengeki Bunko. There are appearances of the Dreamcast in Moe form in Story mode as well as characters from two SEGA games: Virtua Fighter 5 and Valkyrie Chronicles.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Denshin
It's too bad that Dreamcast is not a playable character but I'm glad the SEGA Hard Girls still make apperances into various games. Talking of other games, SEGA did not stop there and even lends its characters to the Neptunia series for a special episode released on PS Vita: Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls. The Neptunia series is actually already a Moegijinka game based on machine customization. So it really makes sense that the SEGA Hard Girls come to join the rank of its heroines during a special episode. The two are so alike in principle that at first I thought it was one big series.

It's reassuring for the fans of the old SEGA that the company does not let its hardware period fall into oblivion. It does it in its own way, but it does not hesitate to reuse its heritage to enrich and update its image by creating new licenses. And it is this ability to create new licenses or reinvent the old ones successfully that makes me love this company so much.

It is certain that as a die-hard fan of the Dreamcast I had to own this new version of my favorite console. She quickly found her place and allowed to brighten a little my shelf by bringing a little bit of pink and femininity to my orange and white macho collection of shmups and 2D fighting games. Thank you Mumu, my generous friend and thank you SEGA!